工房は作業空間である前に創作の場。 普段の暮らしのリズムが作品を生み出すリズムとなります。鎌倉・稲村ヶ崎は海と森の狭間にあり、いつも双方からの風が流れています。 そんな環境の中で、作品を生み出せることを幸せに思います。


My studio is more of a place for my creation than just a working space. Rhythm of daily life is for a rhythm of my creation. Inamuragasaki, Kamakura is located between ocean and forest and there is always breeze coming in from both sides.
I feel very happy to have a place where I can create my work with the reliable staff in such beautiful environment.
Days at my studio are my life itself.