遠山実男 Mitsuo Toyama


From an early age Toyama enjoyed the process of creating by taking things apart and rebuilding such as wood craft, machines and computers - whatever he saw around. Started to self-teach jewelry making since the discovery of metal silver clay in his 30s. Joined Galla Studio in 2007. Became an extreme stone lover by making his own jewelry polishing stones he picked up at the local beach. Man of passion who shares the great love for football. From Ibaraki prefecture.


山瀬春実 Harumi Yamase


Having experienced in jewelry making since her college years, Yamase worked for jewelry making companies in Okachimachi and Gotanda then joined Galla Studio in 1993. She knows about Hiromi Kuwahara's works better than anyone else. Yanase multi-tasks from production to product management and plays an important roll among the Galla staff. Loves rock music. From Tokyo.


小原晋 Susumu Obara


After graduating from Japan Jewelry Craft School, Obara earned experience in jewelry making at a Japanese luxury jewelry brand. An encounter with Kuwahara's "snow crystal pendant" during his Kamakura walks led hime to join the Galla team in 2011. Perfectionist who spends as much time and effort as he can for the finish of each work. Obara enjoys visits to the temples and shrines in his free time. From Kanagawa prefecture.


並川淳也 Junya Namikawa


Graduated from Kyoto University of Art & Design, Department of Spatial Design majoring product design. Namikawa enjoyed the handcrafting process of jewelry making from his workshop experience at university and started to aim to become a jewelry designer. He believes in infinite possibilities for jewelry that is neither "art" nor "product". Joined Galla team in 2013. From Nara prefecture.